Dentist in Framingham: What are Dentures?

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Dentist in Framingham | What are dentures? Dentures replace missing teeth due to injury, decay, periodontal disease, and more. Also known as removable mouth appliances, they are custom-made to assure the best fit and natural-looking results. In fact, more patients are choosing dentures over other forms of teeth replacement.

Dentures are not just meant to help you chew or enjoy your meals. If you lose half of your teeth, speaking clearly may be a problem. In addition, dentures address cosmetic issues. They help restore your smile and confidence. Learn more about dentures below and contact our dentist in Framingham today!

Types of Dentures 

Dentures are classified as complete or partial. In short, complete dentures are recommended when all of the teeth are missing. Whereas, patients with a few missing teeth can be recommended partial dentures.

Immediate Dentures 

Immediate dentures are placed on the same day of tooth extraction. Although these are more convenient, patients must return to have the dentures realigned a few weeks later.

Implant-Supported Dentures 

These dentures are excellent for those concerned about loose-fitting dentures. Not all patients will be recommended for implant-supported dentures. However, ask your dentist in Framingham to learn more.


Thinking of getting something that is more stable? You may want to consider overdentures. They use existing teeth for a secure anchor.

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How to Maintain Dentures

Your dentist in Framingham will offer advice on how to care for your unique set. In general, be sure to brush your dentures at least twice a day. Also, brush your inner cheeks, palate, and tongue. This helps rid bacteria and leftover food particles which are known to cause bad breath and sores. When not in use, place your dentures in clean water to prevent warping.

Likewise, damages or loose-fitting should be addressed to your dentist in Framingham right away.

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Contact Comfort Dental Framingham to learn more about dentures and other forms of teeth replacement. As mentioned above, replacing missing teeth offers many benefits aside from appearance. For this reason, finding your best option is essential. At Comfort Dental Framingham, we offer an array of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to assist all patients. Patients can learn about dental implants, bridges, and dentures. Above all, your dental health is our priority. Contact our friendly team at 508-276-6640 or book an appointment online. New patients are welcome. We look forward to speaking with you soon.