Dentist Near Me: Why You Should Maintain Good Dental Health

Dentist Near Me

Dentist Near Me | Every part of the human body always has a role to play. That’s a known fact. Therefore, a small malfunction in one area can affect the entire body. One example is your dental health which can affect your overall health.

Dentists advise their patients to maintain their smile with routine care. This includes at-home and professional dental care. Believe it or not, some patients avoid the dentist for various reasons. This can be harmful as it is likely to affect your dental health. One reason is finding a close and reliable office. Patients can do a simple internet search of “dentist near me” and see a list of dental offices close by. Either way, be sure to visit your dentist as recommended. 

Learn more about maintaining good dental health below. Then contact us to schedule a consultation.

How is oral health connected to overall health?

In short, the mouth is a breeding ground for different bacteria. Now even though most of the bacteria are harmless, that doesn’t mean that they should be ignored. You should keep them in check by brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day. Also, visiting your dentist near me will help.

Without a proper oral hygiene, oral infections will occur. We’re talking about periodontitis, gingivitis (gum disease), and tooth decay. And once bacteria from these illnesses find their way to other areas of your body, they could act as predisposing factors to other diseases. To better understand the whole concept, just think of it as a domino effect. If one goes down, the rest might follow. 

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Conditions caused by poor dental health 

Periodontitis, a severe oral infection, has been associated with increased inflammation on the body. A study found out that these harmful bacteria often enter tiny blood vessels in the mouth and spread through the body. At the moment, researchers have concluded that they increase the risk of the following.

  • Endocarditis – This is an infection of the human heart’s inner lining. How does it happen? It occurs when an infection affecting other parts of your body, spreads to the heart. 
  • Cardiovascular disease – Even though the connection has not been established, researchers still believe poor dental health increases the risk of cardiovascular illnesses.  Your dentist near me can further explain the connection. Schedule a consultation today.
  • Pregnancy/ birth complications – It has been established that dental health issues are associated with premature birth and low birth weight. 
  • Stroke – if you look hard enough, you’ll find at least one study that talks about how periodontal infection could lead to ischemic stroke. 

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