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What if you could have braces for just a few months instead of a few years? Technological advances in dentistry have made this possible. FastBraces is an innovative way to straighten teeth quickly. It can straighten teeth in about 100 days – in some cases, even as little as 60-90 days. You could get braces during the summer and have them off before you start school in the fall. Your classmates would never know. FastBraces may seem like a new dental procedure, but it has actually been around since 1992. Patients from all over the world have experienced the FastBraces difference, and now you can, too. What makes FastBraces such a good option? Traditional braces require two steps. First, the crowns of the teeth are pulled into position. Next, the roots of the teeth are moved.


fastbraces framingham ma

FastBraces hastens this process by using force, flexibility and torque to help you accomplish your goal of a straighter, more beautiful smile starting on Day 1. FastBraces still uses brackets, like traditional braces, but the difference is that they work differently. It uses triangular, elbow-shaped brackets and a special flexible square wire that helps to reposition the root immediately. This doubles the distance between the braces, which makes the wire more flexible. Using the temperature of your mouth, the root is straightened upright.

This special design realigns the root and crown simultaneously, making treatment much faster. In fact, the process starts right away. FastBraces also uses a patented technology to grow alveolar bone, which helps straighten teeth quickly while avoid tooth extraction. The nice thing about FastBraces is that they can be totally unnoticeable, if you desire. Ceramic brackets and tooth-colored wire can help you magically straighten your teeth without drawing attention to your teeth.


Benefits of FastBraces


  • Faster alignment. Many patients see a difference in just days, with the average treatment time just 100 days.
  • Inexpensive. Because FastBraces require less treatment time and fewer visits to the dentist, the cost is much less than traditional braces.
  • Safe to use. FastBraces have been used by thousands of patients for more than 25 years. It comes with no more risks than traditional braces.
  • Healthier teeth. FastBraces are used for just a few months, so patients are better able to keep their teeth clean. The risk of tooth decay, gingivitis and other dental health issues is reduced.
  • Minimal pain. FastBraces uses lower frictional forces than traditional braces, so patients experience minimal discomfort. Pain medication is rarely prescribed after putting on FastBraces.
  • Increased self-esteem. Patients have FastBraces for just a few months, so it’s not a lengthy multi-year commitment, like traditional braces. Therefore, patients feel more confident about their smile after just a few months.
  • Easier for dentists. Other dental procedures can be completed quickly, since the treatment time for FastBraces is just a few months.


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