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Do you feel overwhelmed or confused when you have an appointment with your Framingham dentist? If yes, it could be because you are not familiar with some of the procedures offered. Knowing what takes place during a dental check-up can alleviate some anxieties, fears, or doubts. 

Fortunately, many of these procedures are painless and take only a few minutes to perform. When you visit a Framingham Dentist, you will instantly realize that your fears were unfounded. The offices are welcoming, elegant and comfortable and the equipment used are modern and efficient. 

Here are the 6 dental procedures that are common in many dental offices. 

Dental Crowns

Tooth decay may result in the crown of the tooth breaking away. This may expose the inner parts of your tooth to attacks from acidic foods, drinks, and bacteria. Fortunately, dental crowns can restore the tooth. They look and function like natural teeth. 

If recommended for a dental crown, the Framingham dentist will need the impression of your affected tooth to determine the size and shape of the crown. This impression is sent to a lab to create the crown. During your second visit, the custom-made crown is permanently fixed.framingham dentist with dental patient

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are recommended to fill in cavities. In short, cavities form when plaque and tartar have eroded the tooth. For this reason, it is important to choose healthier food options and maintain good oral hygiene. Filling in cavities is very important. Left untreated, the tooth can further decay resulting in infection and/or tooth loss.

 Oftentimes, a Framingham Dentist can take less than an hour to complete the procedure. It isn’t painful because the area is numbed and modern tools are used. After the procedure, wait for the numbness to wear off before you start eating or drinking.

Tooth Extraction

In case your tooth can’t be saved, then it may have to be extracted. Tooth extraction is often performed on impacted teeth such as wisdom teeth.

The procedure is simple and takes less than an hour to complete. The procedure isn’t painful as a local anesthetic or numbing medicine is used. Afterward, the Framingham dentist will offer postoperative instructions for your recovery.

Root Canals

You will need this service when the inner parts (nerve and pulp) of your teeth become infected. A Framingham dentist will perform root canals to remove the infected parts and seal the tooth. This procedure will be recommended for badly decayed teeth. Likewise, your dentist may discuss additional restoration procedures. 

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is perhaps the most common of all the dental procedures. This is because many patients prefer a bright smile. Your teeth may get discolored or stained from age, smoking, or drinking staining beverages like coffee and tea.

In brief, teeth whitening can be done in the office using whitening agents and a special light. This procedure usually takes about 1 to 2 hours with results lasting about 3 years. Alternatively, you can opt for at-home whitening trays and gel. This method is just as effective.

Dental Implants

Implants can follow a tooth extraction. For example, if a severely decayed tooth can not be salvaged, tooth extraction may be recommended. This would then lead to replacing the tooth. In addition, dental implants also can be recommended when you’ve lost a tooth due to an accident. 

In this procedure, an artificial titanium tooth root is fixed in the empty space. This procedure may require more than one visit to the Framingham dentist. Oftentimes, the area must heal before the final tooth restoration process can be completed. This consists of an abutment and dental crown.

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