Primescan Intra Oral Scanner

Primescan Intra Oral Scanner

Your dentist is constantly on the lookout for the latest technology to help their patients achieve the very best possible results. Patient comfort is definitely part of this equation. The Primescan Intra Oral Scanner harnesses the power of digital technology to create a complete diagnostic picture of your mouth without the need for conventional impressions.


The Old Way

In the not-so-recent past, the only way to create impressions of a patient’s mouth was to use a very messy and uncomfortable process involving the placement of a rubbery, goopy substance into the mouth of the patient. And that’s just the beginning. Patients would have to remain perfectly still, biting down for a full five minutes that often seemed like five years. Oftentimes, patients would gag.

After all of that, the resulting impression only lasted for one week, and was never completely accurate.


The Modern Way

The digital impression process is much more comfortable and faster for patients. The elimination of all of that goopy mess leads to a much more pleasant process. If, for example, a patient wants to take a break during the scanning process, it can be halted for a few minutes and restarted. Contrast that with the old way where the material had to remain in the patient’s mouth until the impression dried and set.

A bonus benefit for patients is that they can view everything that the dentist is looking at, right on the screen in front of them.


Introducing the Primescan Intra Oral Scanner

The Primescan Intra Oral Scanner is the very latest digital dental tool that gives your dentist the ability to produce permanent dental restorations like bridges, implants, crowns and more.


Digital Scanning Benefits:

  • Pixel sensor captures over 1 million 3D data points each second.
  • High-accuracy dynamic scan depth.
  • Rapid capture and processing of images with high-resolution.
  • Intelligent processing technology.
  • Fast scanning only takes about a minute and a half.
  • Very comfortable, particularly when compared to conventional impressions.


What To Expect

When your dentist or hygienist uses the Primescan Intra Oral Scanner, they will be using a small wand to comfortably scan within your mouth. As they pass the wand over your teeth, it captures images that are processed in real time, offering a highly accurate image of your mouth.

Since the system saves the captured pictures automatically every few seconds, you won’t need to sit through a second scan.


Learn More

If you’d like more information about the benefits of the state-of-the-art Primescan Intra Oral Scanner, or would like to book a consultation, please contact our office today.