Your Guide to Knowing What Type of Dentures Suits Your Needs

Your full mouth of pearly whites is one of your most valuable assets. Healthy teeth let you wear your best smile and communicate and eat well. Unfortunately, people often lose them sooner than they think due to poor oral hygiene, periodontal diseases, trauma, and age.  

Fortunately, dentures are an affordable option to restore your best smile. They’re available in different high-quality materials, and you can use them to replace a tooth, multiple teeth, or a whole arch. 

As you book your next dental appointment, you may wonder if this treatment option works best for your situation. Your dentist can discuss your options and help you choose what’s best for your needs.

From complete dentures to denture implants, this article is your guide to knowing which option is for you. 

Why Should You Choose Dentures?

Missing teeth can negatively affect your appearance and oral and general health. Fortunately, dentures can replace missing teeth and restore their function and appearance. While adjusting to them can take a few weeks, they should look and feel like natural teeth when an experienced prosthetist designs them. 

What Materials Do They Use? 

Your dentist can help you choose the best material for your prosthetic teeth. Common denture materials include plastic (acrylic or nylon), metal (cobalt chrome), porcelain (ceramic), and composite resin. Cost, durability, and care instructions will vary depending on the material. 

A professional prosthetist can also use acrylic and chrome to create dentures that look and feel like natural teeth and gums. 

4 Options to Consider 

Your type of denture will depend on how many teeth you want to replace. Here are four options you can consider. 

1. Partial Dentures 

Your dentist can use these false teeth to replace missing ones by attaching them to the existing teeth. They come from one or more teeth on a synthetic gum base. They’re removable, or dental implants can support them to prevent teeth shifting and imbalanced bites. 

2. Full Dentures 

These prosthetic teeth replace a complete arch of missing or damaged teeth. To begin this process, your dentist will get impressions of your mouth to make the dentures fit correctly, and they’re more affordable than full-arch dental implants.

3. Immediate Dentures 

If you’re getting dentures after a tooth extraction, your dentist will usually recommend waiting for the gum to heal before creating your custom dentures. They can also give you temporary dentures since the waiting time can take eight to 12 weeks. However, there’s a risk that they may not fit well. 

4. Implant-Retained Dentures

Unlike regular dentures, denture implants attach to dental implants in the jaw bone to provide a more secure and comfortable fit. While this option involves surgery and is more costly, you can enjoy many benefits, such as better stability and the improved ability to eat a wider variety of foods.

How Long Do Dentures Last?

Depending on their materials and how well you care for them, dentures can last five to 15 years. While denture implants can last longer, you must still replace them after some years. You can determine the condition when you consult your dentist for regular check-ups. 

How to Care for Your Dentures 

Following your dentist’s instructions, you can keep your dentures’ best condition. Brush it daily with plain water or a denture-cleaning solution. You should keep your dentures moist by soaking them in a cleansing solution when you’re not using them. 

Moreover, you should visit your dentist regularly for relining. Additionally, you should also let your dentist repair or replace damaged parts. 


Dentures are an affordable option to restore your self-esteem and overall health. Whether you need denture implants or a complete set of prosthetic teeth, your dentist can help you find the best option for your needs. 

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